About me and my website

Welcome to Ewoud’s Corner!
Explore my website about my work, tech, my hobbies, games and other things I might find interesting to share. The whole website is build and maintained by myself. So it has a very personal touch, I think that that’s the charm of this place.
Please note that English isn’t my main language, so please forgive me when I butcher it.

About me:

My name is ‘Ewoud den Breeijen’. A man with curiosity for everything and anything. I have many interests and hobbies, like:

  • Obviously, IT and mostly networking.
  • Gaming.
  • Digital drawing.
  • History.
  • Civil Engineering.
  • Music, preferably from previous generations or with connection to history.

For profession related information:
go to my resume at the top, or the LinkedIn button on the right.

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I give this website my own seal of approval. 😉

Feel free to get in contact with me, use any of the buttons above!

About my website:

This website is basically a platform for me to share stuff that I like. So, be sure to look at the options in the menu at the top of the page! The stuff my website is mainly about:

  • IT related things on ‘How to do X’, so if someone then searches for it on a search engine, it may show my posts and helps him or her out.
  • Posts that explain topics about networking, aimed to newcomers in the field. Which can be found here.
  • Posts about games, my hobbies and other things I like and can show people new stuff they would otherwise never stumbled upon.

Anyway, this website is fresh. Who knows what’ll come out of it. 🙂