About me

Welcome to my website: Ewoud’s Corner!

Feel free to explore my website that is about my profession, tech, photography and many of my other hobbies and interests!

The whole website is build and maintained by myself so it comes with a personal touch some may or may not like. But I think that’s the charm of it. But don’t expect this website to be well maintained or fully fledged with all sorts of things.

I am not natively English, so if I butcher some words or phrasing, don’t take me up for it will you? Thank you.

About me:

My name is ‘Ewoud den Breeijen’. A man of 26 years old with curiosity for everything and anything. I have many interests and hobbies, like:

  • Obviously, IT and thereof mostly networking.
  • Photography.
  • Gaming.
  • Digital drawing.
  • History.
    • Collecting gas masks, suits and geigercounters. Actually, all kinds of military stuff.
    • H.E.M.A. (sports).
      • I did practice this in the past, but not anymore but the history and technique is still very interesting!
    • History of the 20th century but even all way back just before the Napoleonic era.
    • Documentaries.
  • Civil Engineering. E.g. How the modernized human world is made and functions around us.
  • Music, preferably from previous generations or with connection to history.
  • Dairy farming and anything around it.

I am not a religious person myself but the phrase of Thessalonians 5:21 is something I do live by:
But test them all; hold on to what is good.

More about me: