Things I recommend taking a look at

Here are some URL’s to things I really recommend taking a look at! That also means I do use, watch and/or play said services, topics and games.
Some entertain you, others may teach you a thing or two. Feel free to take a look, I don’t force you to. 😊

Curiosity, knowledge, tech and whatnot:

Jeremy Cioara on YouTube – Jeremy’s content on CBT nuggets really helped me study a lot.

Keith Barker on YouTube

NileRed/NileBlue – Basically chemistry out of curiosity, not because you asked for it. Just because it’s possible.

Kurzgesagt on YouTube – Kurzgesagt (‘Simply put’ in German), an amazing channel to learn how the world and the universe works on all aspects of life.

Mark Felton – British author and historian of the second world war. He also creates documentary grade YouTube video’s.

Indy Neidell – Indy is  an American-Swedish documentarian, actor, voice actor and musician. Active on YouTube channels like: Sabaton History, TimeGhost History, The Great War and World War Two.



Gamers Nexus

Ordinary Sausage – YouTuber that creates sausages of basically anything.


Sabaton – Swedish heavy Metal band that sings about real life wars and the people who played part in them.

Andreas Waldetoft – Composer of music for many videogames. Rich and very harmonious.


Company of Heroes – My most played game by far! Started at 2006, and still going.

Battlefield – Especially 1942 and 2 have a special place in my heart.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance – A medieval RPG that’s set in 1400’s in Bohemia.

Hearts of Iron IV – A WW2 grand strategy game, with loads of modifications available!

Arma 3 – Arma 3, is military simulator. A lot of possibilities and customisation. Mods also that allow to do anything you want.