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This website is still under development!

Welcome to Ewoud’s Corner!
Explore my website about my work, tech, my hobbies, games and other things I might find interesting to share. The whole website is build and maintained by myself. So it has a very personal touch, I think that that’s the charm of this place.
Please note that English isn’t my main language, so please forgive me when I butcher it.

About myself and this website

My name is ‘Ewoud den Breeijen’. A man with curiosity for everything and anything. I have many interests and hobbies, like:

  • Gaming
  • Drawing
  • Collecting gas masks, suits and geigercounters
  • Civil Engineering
WIN_20200324_17_43_39_Pro - kopie
That's me and one of my hobbies.

This website is basically a platform for me to share stuff. Like, I will share IT related things ‘How to do X’, so if someone then Google’s it, it may show my posts and helps him or her out. Or maybe I talk about games I like and can show people new stuff they would otherwise never stumbled upon.
Anyway, this website is fresh. Who knows what’ll come.

My content

Below here you can find posts about my work, tech, hobbies games and much more. If you prefer not to snoop around, then feel free to just look at the most recent posts. Alternatively, you can go to my other socials.

Things I recommend taking a look at

Under here are URL’s to things I really recommend taking a look at! That also means I do use, watch and/or play said topics.
My website has webpages or will have webpages that will go more in depth in those topics.
Some entertain you, others may teach you a thing or two. Feel free to take a look, I don’t force you to. 😊

Curiosity, knowledge, tech and whatnot:

Jeremy Cioara – On YouTube.
NetworkChuck – On YouTube.
NileRed/NileBlue – Basically chemistry out of curiosity, not because you asked for it. Just because it’s possible.
Mark Felton – British author and historian of the second world war. He also creates documentary grade YouTube video’s.


Gamers Nexus


Sabaton – Swedish heavy Metal band that sings about real life wars and the people who played part in them.
Andreas Waldetoft – Composer of music for many videogames. Rich and very harmonious.


Company of Heroes – My most played game by far! Started at 2006, and still going.
Battlefield – Especially 1942 and 2 have a special place in my heart.
Kingdom Come: Deliverance – A medieval RPG that’s set in 1400’s in Bohemia.
Hearts of Iron IV – A WW2 grand strategy game, with loads of modifications available!