Dairy, cows and country life

From IT to farming? What?

Yeah! You read that right. Something about dairy, cows and the like. Why? Did I change jobs? Am I done with IT? No, read on!

Why, how and where?

I just wanted to do something different to clear the mind of my busy work, learn something new outside of IT and actually appreciate an otherwise quite underappreciated craft.

So. I just want to a few farmers near my current job and asked if I could help out on their farm. Learning to work with my hands, you know?
A few were surprised that someone from the city came over with interest as it’s rather common place here that city people do not care the slightest about the profession of a farmer. Food comes from the factory, right?

Eventually, one was very enthusiastic and even invited me to come join into the milking process to have a look. He explained a few things, we had talks about how a lot of things are often told in a skewed manner by animal activists, the government and the general census (Of course, not everyone things badly about it, but it’s generally attracting more negative vibes that deserved).

After that first time I went home and had thoughts and yes, I wanted to help out there. I started in January 2022.
Now? Well. I am in contact with twelve different farmers and the hobby grown out of hand a bit.

What will this mean for this site?

Nothing at all. Just a new hobby. I will stay in IT and keep posting about it as I feel like it. But, also about diary farming as well.
Be sure to check out my featured section on LinkedIn too as I post stuff on there as well. I might be posting things on here as a change or addition as well.

Some content about stuff I do:

Right below here is various content of things I do, learn and like to talk about on my LinkedIn. Feel free to look at my featured on my Linked Page. (You do need to be logged in though!)

Peace of mind and strengthen physique

It’s not always nice to do since it can really make you feel sore the next day but doing physical heavy work is really doing a good thing for my strength and physique. Without extra effort going to the gym I already lost a found kilograms and gained some more strength.

Besides that, I also completely forget my work and duties other than what I am directly doing and let me tell you. That feels amazing.

I helped during my vacation for whole days and didn’t think of my work any moment. Best vacation I had.

Learning a lot of things outside of IT and regular life

While doing all the things they throw at me I manage to learn a lot of things at the various farms I visit. Although, don’t hold me up for it, I am not an expert on any of what’s below. But, at least I am aware!:
– Driving vehicles such has ATVs, frontloaders and tractors.
– How to handle cattle.
– The various breeds of cattle.
– The rules and laws in handling and anything around it.
– Feed and nutrition.
– Medicine use.
– But most importantly: I know much better where my food comes from and what exactly to appreciate of it.

Writing educational things about diary farming

I post various informational and educational things on LinkedIn related to dairy farming.
I will also post the same things on here in more detail later on. Starting with my posts I already placed.

Sharing other content

I also share other content on YouTube as well. From things I do to just some nice videos to enjoy.