Great free third party IT study materials and exams

Getting certified doesn’t have to be expensive!

Here are some URL’s, explanations and resources to various IT training and examination resources!

No, I’ve not be sponsored nor do I sponsor any of the companies and/or people below. I just believe that being able to certify in IT should be everyone’s right, no matter how big one’s purse is.

Various training materials

YouTube channels

YouTube is not only useful for cat videos, oh no! A whole world full of knowledge is available too. And IT is included in there.
Here are some useful YouTube channels:

Link to the YouTube channel of itfreetraining
Link to the YouTube channel of Jeremy Cioara
Link to the YouTube channel of David Bombal
Link to the YouTube channel of Keith Barker
Link to the YouTube channel of KevTech IT Support


Although Udemy isn’t free by itself, sometimes various training courses are offered for free. Now be wary though, Udemy is known for the fact that some courses can have drastic different quality compared to others.

Link to the free IT and software courses


Cisco Networking Academy

Although the exams on Cisco aren’t free you can still get useful training and even great software from the academy page!

Training includes various levels of difficulty in networking and the software you can get your hands on is Cisco Packet Tracer!

Link about the Cisco Academy

Extreme Networks Dojo/Academy

Extreme Networks Dojo and Academy are free for everyone to enroll, study and even do exams in. The I recommend to follow the courses from Extreme Academy Live.

Link to the Extreme Networks Dojo (Resources and exams)

Link to course one
Link to course two – Building Secure and Robust Wireless Networks
Link to course three – Advance Your Career

Juniper Open Learning

Juniper has their own program where you can do free training as well.

A great course for CCNA to Junos too!

Link to Juniper Open Learning


Fortinet NSE institute

The Fortinet Institute from Fortinet themselves offers NSE1 to NSE3 for free. You can get more information about the whole NSE lineup HERE.
The other NSE certificates will cost money though and are done through Pearson Vue.

Link to the NSE institute, public login

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